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Diet Divorce Academy

Diet Divorce Academy is a transformational membership where you’ll discover how to lose weight for good and consistently eat healthier without sacrificing your happiness or good food. Also known as, where women come for healthy weight loss and food freedom they feel good about. For the full breakdown of what you get inside, go to bit.ly/startdda.

Conquer Emotional Eating

Reveal the secrets to conquering emotional eating and creating peace in your relationship with food in our Conquer Emotional Eating mini-course. Through evidence-based strategies, you'll learn to honor your emotions, break free from the control of cravings, and embrace a balanced approach to eating and emotional well-being. Discover the peace and control of proper emotional management as you nurture your emotions without falling into the trap of overeating. Join us on this transformative journey towards conquering emotional eating and reclaiming control over your relationship with food.

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